Who is DSA and how do I join?

We are DSA, the Disc Golf club in central Netherlands. Founded in 2014 by Dean Schaub in Amsterdam (Disc Sport Amsterdam), we might not (yet) be the biggest Disc Golf club in the Netherlands, but definitely the most well known Dutch club in Europe. We owe our fame mainly to the annual AMSterdam Challenge (previously Amsterdam Open).

We are always happy to show you around our home course, Sloterpark. For newer players, there will always be a disc or two to borrow for the round and someone to show you some basics.  And should you throw your disc in the water, there is usually someone carrying a ‘Golden Retriever’ – if not, we devise other measures of getting your disc out of the water:

Club benefits

Apart from being part of an awesome group of Disc Golf fanatics, you can benefit from club activities such as club discs (see website banner), DSA apparel, bag tags, indoor training, etc.

Unfortunately, we are currently out of club discs (we should have new ones in January / February). If you are interested in buying a disc to support the club, shoot us an email: DiscSportAmsterdam@gmail.com

Stop writing, just tell me how I can join

We are always open for new members at DSA. We have a ‘new joiner’ membership for 10€ for half a year or a regular membership for 30€ for a full year. By becoming a member, you will also automatically become a member of the Nationale Frisbee Bond (NFB), which means that you are insured at NFB events and are allowed to play in monthly competitions (NFB National Tour & NFB Grow the Sport Tour). Just send us a message to  DiscSportAmsterdam@gmail.com and we’ll sort everything out.

Can’t get enough? 

DSA member René Westenberg is not just our best player currently but also a good Disc Golf photographer. Check out his work here and see some more club members.