What is Disc Golf?

What is Disc Golf? Quite possibly your next addiction.

Disc Golf follows the same basic rules as Ball Golf, except for a few crucial differences: From the tee (typically a concrete slab) you throw a disc (frisbee) towards the basket (see picture below). You repeat this process as often as necessary until the disc comes to rest in the basket. One of the ironies of Disc Golf is that you get to do it less each hole the better you get at it.

This video from Sweden gives a good feel for the sport (if you need something fancier, have a look at the pro’s in the next video below):

What makes Disc Golf wonderful (apart from e.g. spending time outside with a group of friends, searching for that perfect flight) is that it is easy to learn but hard to master. So stop reading this and get your beautiful ass out on the course and if you do, let us know! Club@DSADiscGolf.com

If you need some discs to get you started (or just want one of these beauties), we have awesome club discs – see the pageĀ Who is DSA and how do I join?

For a broader range of discs, including Innova, Discmania, Daredevil Discs, and Millenium, have a look on www.FrisbeeWinkel.nl.

If you insist on knowing more about all the intricacies of the rules, visit the Professional Disc Golf Association, Disc Golf’s official governing body: pdga.com

More videos you say? Check out Central Coast Disc Golf and Jomez Pro on Youtube, here is a best of produced by the latter: