Technique Corner

This part of the website is going to be dedicated to everything that will help you become a better player.

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Instructional Video Channels

Deep in the Game

Series created by Avery Jenkins on behalf of Discmania. Good introduction into technique, lacking the depth I was personally looking for:

Danny Lindahl

Insights into Disc Golf technique with a good dose of humour and one of the best tag lines: Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Far

Danny Lindahl Youtube Channel

E.g.: How to fix upper body timing!

Physics of Flight

A series of instructional videos created by Danny Lindahl on behalf of Dynamic Discs. Main take-away for me: having a closed stance to allow hip movement in the throw (somewhere in Series 1):

Actual phyiscs of flight:

Spin and Throw Disc Golf

A small group of people led by Bradley Walker broke off from traditional FB groups like ‘Disc Golf Form Check‘ claiming some of the key concepts taught there are misguided  or missing the core point/reason. I (Paul) have had a lot of success (easier distance) with this approach, so would suggest checking it out!

Here is a link to the announcements of the FB group, which lists all ‘introduction’ video’s.

Deep Dives


Confidence building putting routine – train making putts, not missing them:

Similar approach, but in blog form (by quite a fun Disc Golf website from New Zealand):


UDisc created a great overview of 5 upshot video’s, including the below Ulibarri video:
Paul Ulibarri upshot clinic during the Utah Open:


Simon Lizotte doing a side by side driving form analysis. Some excellent points here:

Will Schusterick slow motion drive – watch & try to repeat đŸ™‚

Lead card driving at the European Open in 2013


It is an enormous pity but my two favourite blogs are inactive. Nevertheless, they have tons of interesting resources:


Excellent blog looking at both the physical as well as the mental side of Disc Golf

MindBodyDisc Blog


Excellent blog for those who like going into more depth on technique, start with the Form Crash Course (excellent reading but Crash Course is a bit of a euphemism):

HeavyDisc – The Form Crash Course


Coach’s Eye

I really like this app, it allows you to film yourself (or upload a video) and play it in slow motion (or frame by frame) and mark whatever changes you see:

Coach’s Eye website

Seemingly pretty complete overview from