Sloterpark Aces

A clean release, beautiful flight, and one of the best feelings in Disc Golf: Aces!

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Hole 3

Santtu Sibakov (click on it twice)

Sloterpark (Amsterdam) hole 3 ACE from r/discgolf

Ernst Geldof

Raj Kalia

Michiel van Voorst

Joost Vlieg

Steven van Leeuwen (Ace man)

Dean Schaub (During 2019/2020 Matchplay semifinals)

Kim Ouweleen

Hole 8

Laurens BenschopĀ aced hole 8 in 2012(?) with a katana. A few guys on the hill, a walker with a dog and god were the only witnesses of this euphoric moment.

Hole 10

Paul Sterk

Hole 11

Justin Long

Hole 14

Johan Sap