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Welcome to DSA, you beautiful human being!
The goal of this page is to gather all relevant info for DSA members in one place. If there are any topics missing, please let us know:

Get together to throw
Nederlandse Frisbee Bond (NFB) – membership & competitions
Promoting the club
Club discs & other swag
DSA Vision 2025 and Goals 2020
Club meetings (ALV)

Get together to throw

Let’s get together and throw some discs! As you know, we try and play at regular times in Sloterpark.
If you want to make sure people are there or are looking for some company during other moments, you can use our Facebook group: DSA Disc Golf
For all other club related matters, we have our Facebook Messenger chat.
If you want to reach out to Ernst, Joakim, or Paul, you can mail

Overview of our membership:

The membership fee is used to pay for above services and pay other club facilities, like this website.

Nederlandse Frisbee Bond (NFB) – membership & competitions

DSA is part of the NFB, which governs Disc Golf in the Netherlands. Within the NFB, Disc Golf is represented by the Grow the Sport Comittee, which currently consists of: Ernst de Jager, Paul Sterk, Peter Buijsrogge, Rienk Kan, Sander Bahnerth.
As an DSA member, you are automatically an NFB member. This has a couple of benefits:

The NFB organizes two competitions: The National Tour and the Grow The Sport Tour. The latter is a great step up from club rounds for people that want to ease into competitive play. If you are doubting whether you should play, you definitely should :).
You can find more information about the competition including fees in the ‘Competitie reglement‘.

We are following up with the NFB to get more detailed information.

Person of trust
Should you need help or need to flag inappropriate behaviour, you can turn to the person of trust (vertrouwenscontactpersoon) of the NFB, Janneke (focusing on adults) and Joyce (focusing on youth members). You can reach both of them for questions and advice at

Promoting the club

We want to spread the joy of Disc Golf and we need your help to do so. By promoting and growing the club, we can have a bigger impact and achieve the financial independence needed to run tournaments and buy club discs without relying on member’s financial support.
You can be amazing and help by:
– Giving out our Business Cards
– Selling club discs and AMSterdam Challenge fundraiser discs (see below)
– Promote the AMSterdam Challenge – Oct 3rd & 4th 2020
– Help achieve our goals for 2020
– Reach out with more ideas!
Reach out to Ernst, Joakim, or Paul if you need more cards or discs!

Club discs & other swag

You can find all information about our club discs in this document.

To order T-shirts and Hoodies with the DSA logo, follow this link: DSA Swag


As DSA member, you get a discount at most Dutch Disc Golf shops:
– 10% at The Perfect Flight shop (Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Westside Discs). Website: Discount code: DSAALLDAY
– 7% at Frisbeewinkel (Innova, Discmania, Daredevil). Website: Discount code: mail to get the code.
– 5% at Disctinct (Discraft, Kastaplast). Website: Discount code: 5%DSA

DSA Vision 2025 and Goals 2020

Vision 2025
DSA is the most fun disc golf club in the Netherlands – and the biggest (min. 50 members).
There are now 3 courses in our region (2 of which are beginner friendly), which we have helped realize.
We have an established training program to systematically upgrade our skills.
We have good working relationships with the relevant government authorities.
We host one of the coolest Amateur- & fun-focused tournaments in Europe every year.
The club has a solid financial base to run events and order club discs without having to rely on credit from members. Ambition: 5000€ club money at the end of 2025.

Goals 2020
Promote & grow the club – Justin, Daan, Eric
Have an established training scheme – Joakim, Daniel D
Have laid the groundwork for a new course – Paul, Daan

Club meetings

Notes from the club meeting on February 8th 2020